North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

Q6 pulls LNER Coach Association Members Special

In Autum Sun, the Q6 pulls the LNERCA Members Special at Green End - Maurice Burns

The LNER Coach Association's annual special train today used the Gresley Teaks and was hauled by the Q6.The phpotograph shows the 3.30 return from Grosmont in the low autumn sun with Terry Newman at the controls The trees and the bracken are just starting to turn colour.

Last Updated on Saturday, 06 October 2018 22:26

Q6 returns to NYMR

Today the Q6 arrived back at New Bridge after its holiday on the Severn Valley Railway.

Last Updated on Saturday, 06 October 2018 22:23

Special General Meeting

The NELPG Committee has agreed that a Special General Meeting (SGM) will be held at 7.30 pm on Friday 19th October 2018 at the Darlington Club and Institute (aka the Northgate Club), 85 High Northgate, Darlington, DL1 1UJ at 7.30pm, for which this is a copy of the formal notice that has been sent separately to you by post, as required by the Articles of Association.

The meeting will consider the following motion: -

“To approve expenditure of up to £75,000, including contingencies, on extending the K1’s mainline certification for a further 3 years.”

The background to this motion is set out in a document which has been enclosed with the formal notice sent in the post. Photographic entertainment will follow, if time allows. Voting at SGMs is on a show of hands. Please bring your membership card to the meeting, as it will need to be shown.

For those members unable to attend, they may vote by appointing a proxy to represent them and vote on their behalf. The proxy form will also be enclosed with the formal notice you receive in the post, and should be completed and returned to the Company Secretary at the NELPG Registered Office address given on the form, to be received no later than 48 hours before the date of the meeting. Please note that this is not a ballot form and should not be used to indicate your preference in relation to the motion before the meeting. Also, that, having appointed a proxy, you will not be able to attend and vote at the meeting yourself.

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 September 2018 20:23

Working Parties

The regular Monday and Thursday working parties continue at Hopetown on the J72. The Thursday working parties are now usually during the day only.

Working parties take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays on the Q6 at Grosmont. Please contact Andy Lowes or Ian Pearson if you wish to attend.

Last Updated on Friday, 03 August 2018 22:15

Hopetown Works Open Days

Hopetown Works is usually open for the public to visit between 11:00 and 15:00 on the third Saturday of each month. Please check the What's on menu item for details.

Last Updated on Saturday, 21 January 2017 08:02

J72, Thursday 4th October

We had a major step forward on Thursday when Andrew Goodman and RSS lifted the locomotive chassis and the wheels were rolled out. See pictures by Peter Giroux – there’s 58 good photos in the collection.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 October 2018 19:24

Q6 at the Severn Valley Railway Gala

The Q6 made it to the Severn Valley Railway Gala. Here are some photographs of it in action.

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 September 2018 20:20

Monthly Social Meetings

These take place at 19:30, usually on the second Friday of the month between September and May. Meetings now take place in Darlington Club and Institute in Northgate; see the What's on menu item for details.

Last Updated on Sunday, 03 September 2017 08:23

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The NELPG exists to foster interest in, and to preserve examples of, steam locomotives, rolling stock and other items of railway interest connected with the North East of England.


Loco Board

K1 62005
K1 62005
At WCRC Carnforth for winter maintenance.

Q6 63395
Q6 63395
On NYMR in traffic.

J27 65894

J27 65894 (NER P3 2392)
On  NYMR in traffic.

J72 69023
J72 69023 Joem
At Hopetown Works for general overhaul.