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Home Photograph Collections The Richard Campbell Photographic Collection

The Richard Campbell Photographic Collection


Richard changing over the K1 oil lights after arrival at Mallaig - Dave Pennock

Richard Campbell was a true friend of NELPG, a much liked and respected volunteer who was always there to lend a helping hand with a ready smile complete with that truly unmistakeable cheery twang.

After an engineering apprenticeship at N.E.I. Parsons, Richard joined the Merchant Navy in 1974 as an electrical engineer on oil tankers but after 4 years at sea he came home to set-up his own engineering workshop near Stanley in NW Durham.

Soon he gained a reputation for engineering excellence for his machining work on steam locomotives and all NELPG’s engines benefited from his expertise over the years.

Richard died in June 2016 and will be badly missed and fondly remembered by all who knew him. He will always be with us here in NELPG.

After Richard’s passing, his sister Sheila donated his photographic collection to NELPG and Dave Whitfield has scanned the best negatives and prints which are listed here.

They are available as prints (sorry no downloads) and those interested should contact the secretary.

PN/1 LMS (ex Midland) 4-4-0 310 at Hellifield 1924 (by B. Richardson)
PN/2 LMS (ex Midland) 4-4-0 452 Location unknown
PN/3 LMS (ex Midland) 4-4-0 672 Location unknown
PN/4 LNER C7 735 at Newcastle Central
PN/5 LNER 1582 at Newcastle Central
PN/6 LNER G5 1775 at Harrogate
PN/7 LNER G5 1865 at Newcastle possibly.
PN/8 LNER D20 2014 at Leeds
PN/9 LNER C7 2169 at Newcastle Central
PN/10 LNER A3 2144 at Kings Cross
PN/11 LMS 5035 Location unknown
PN/12 LMS (ex LNWR) 4-4-0 8727 Location unknown
PN/13 LNER 9218 at Newcastle Central
PN/14 LMS (ex Furness) 4-4-0 10187 Location unknown
PN/16 LMS (ex L&YR) 2-4-2 10652 at Bolton
PN/17 LMS (ex L&YR) 0-6-0 at Bolton
PN/18 LMS (ex L&YR) 4-4-0 at Bolton
PN/19 LMS (ex L&YR) 4-6-4T xx111 at Bolton
PN/20 General view of Bolton Trinity Street Station (L&YR 0-6-0 in shot).
PN/21 General view of Bolton Trinity Street Station (double headed train in shot)
PN/22 LMS (ex Caledonian) 0-4-4T Location unknown
PN/23 Ravenglass & Eskdale Dalegarth Station (train in station)
PN/24 General view of Leeds Station (two tank engines in view)
PN/25 LMS (ex Furness) Cauliflower 0-6-0 Location unknown
PN/26 General view of LMS station Location unknown (ex LNWR double header entering)
PN/27 Possibly ex L&YR 4-4-0 passing train Location unknown
PN/28 General view of Newcastle Central Station (three engines in shot)
PN/29 Seaton Burn Coal Co. possibly no. 6
PN/30 Seaton Burn Coal Co. no.11
PN/31 Seaton Burn Coal Co. 0-6-0T unidentified
PN/32 Durham V2 leaving on viaduct 1943
PN/33 General view of Whitby Station
PN/44 General view of York Station A3 leaving
PN/45 LNER C7 at York Station
BR/1 2x Black 5s Carlisle Station
BR/2 Standard Class 4 Shap Summit on engineers train
BR/3 7029 Carlisle Upperby possibly 14.10.67
BR/4 7029 Ouston Junction
BR/5 44802 Carlisle Station
BR/6 44802 Location unknown
BR/7 45227 Carlisle Station
BR/8 45227 Carlisle Station
BR/9 45227 Carlisle Station
BR/10 60002 Location unknown
BR/11 60023 Ouston Junction possibly
BR/12 60024 Newcastle Central
BR/13 60027 Ouston Junction possibly
BR/14 60524 Durham station
BR/14 60539 Ouston Junction possibly
BR/15 62005 Shildon Works 8.7.67
BR/16 62005 Tyne Dock Shed
BR/17 62007 South Pelaw
BR/18 62007 South Pelaw
BR/19 62007 South Pelaw
BR/20 63458 & 65882 Sunderland Shed
BR/21 63467 South Pelaw
BR/22 63467 South Pelaw
BR/23 65882 Sunderland Shed
BR/24 68723 Newcastle Central
BR/25 92060 South Pelaw
BR/26 92186 Durham station
BR/27 A4 Durham station
BR/28 A4 Ouston Junction possibly
BR/29 A4 Ouston Junction possibly
BR/30 Black 5 Carlisle Upperby
BR/31 Black 5 Shap Wells
BR/32 Departmental no. 58 (69023) Tyne Dock Shed
BR/33 Former Crosti 9F Carlisle Kingmoor Yard
BR/34 Q6 Location unknown
BR/35 V1 2-6-2T banker Durham station
BR/36 8F Preston station
BR/37 8F Preston station
BR/38 8F Preston station
BR/39 8F Preston station
BR/40 44871 Bolton Shed
BR/41 44888 Bolton Shed
BR/42 45096 Preston station possibly
BR/43 45110 Bolton Shed
BR/44 45156 Patricroft Shed
BR/45 45156 Patricroft Shed
BR/46 45231 Bolton station possibly
BR/47 45269 & 45290 Bolton Shed
BR/48 45269 Bolton Shed
BR/49 45269 Bolton Shed
BR/50 45290 Bolton Shed
BR/51 45290 Bolton Shed
BR/52 45290 Bolton Shed
BR/53 45290 Bolton Shed
BR/54 45290 Bolton Shed
BR/55 45388 Preston station
BR/56 48652 Bolton Shed possibly
BR/57 48652 Location unknown
BR/58 48771 Bolton Shed
BR/59 48773 Location unknown
BR/60 48775 Patricroft Shed
BR/61 48775 Preston station
BR/62 73050 Patricroft Shed possibly
BR/63 Black 5 Patricroft (leaving shed yard)
BR/64 Black 5 Patricroft (leaving shed yard)
BR/65 Black 5 Preston station
BR/66 Black 5 Preston station
BR/67 Black 5 Preston station
BR/68 Black 5 Preston station
BR/70 Bolton Shed showing Black 5s & scrapped diesels
BR/71 General view of Bolton Shed
BR/72 Black 5 Bolton Shed view from cab
BR/73 General view of Bolton Shed
BR/74 Coaling plant at Bolton Shed
BR/75 General view of Manchester Victoria looking east
BR/76 General view of Patricroft Shed
BR/77 9Fs Carnforth Shed
BR/78 448xx Hest Bank
BR/79 44709 Carnforth Shed
BR/80 44709 Carnforth Shed
BR/81 44709 Carnforth Shed
BR/82 44709 Location unknown
BR/83 44735 Hest Bank
BR/84 45231 Arnside
BR/85 45231 Arnside
BR/86 45342 Location unknown
BR/87 45390 Arnside
BR/88 75019 Carnforth Shed
BR/89 75048 Arnside
BR/90 75048 Arnside
BR/91 75048 Arnside
BR/92 75048 Carnforth in yards
BR/93 75048 Carnforth in yards
BR/94 92160 Carnforth Shed
BR/95 Standard Class 4 Arnside small freight on bridge
BR/96 Hest Bank station Standard Class 4 light engine in shot
BR/97 Black 5 Hest Bank station
BR/98 Black 5 Hest Bank station
BRD/1 2x Class 24 Beamish station
BRD/2 2x Class 24 Carr House West Junction
BRD/3 2x Class 24 Carr House West Junction
BRD/4 2x Class24 Newcastle Central
BRD/5 2x Class 24 South Pelaw
BRD/6 2xClass 24 Stanley
BRD/7 2x Class 24 Stanley
BRD/8 Class 40s Unknown shed.
BRD/9 2x Class 50 Penrith station
BRD/10 2x Class 55 Newcastle Central
BRD/11 Class 25 Tyne Yard colour
BRD/12 Class 26 & Class 47 Location unknown
BRD/13 Class 26s Unknown shed
BRD/14 Class 37 Beamish colour
BRD/15 Class 37 freight on Consett line possibly colour
BRD/16 2x Class 37 South Pelaw colour
BRD/17 2x Class 37 on Consett line possibly colour
BRD/18 2x Class 37 Tyne Yard oil train colour
BRD/19 Class 37s Unknown shed
BRD/20 Class 47 & Class 26 Unknown shed
BRD/21 Class 47 near Ouston Junction colour
BRD/22 Peak and Class 55 Newcastle Central
BRD/23 (D)400 Penrith
BRD/24 (D)417 & (D)411 Location unknown
BRD/25 (D)802 Swindon Works
BRD/26 (D)807 Swindon Works
BRD/27 (D)806 & (D)814 Swindon Scrap Yard
BRD/28 (D)1541 Location unknown
BRD/29 (D)1832 & (D)1839 Crewe
BRD/30 (D)1919 Unknown shed
BRD/31 (D)2050 Newcastle Central
BRD/32 (D)5105 & Class 24 Beamish
BRD/33 (D)5106 Tyne Yard possibly
BRD/34 (D)5107 Tyne Yard possibly
BRD/35 (D)5109 & Class 24 South Pelaw
BRD/36 (D)5119 & Class 24 Consett line
BRD/37 (D)5562 & (D)6751 Cambridge possibly
BRD/38 (D)5690 Location unknown
BRD/39 (D)6700 Location unknown
BRD/40 (D)6708 Location unknown colour
BRD/41 (D)6745 Tyne Yard possibly
BRD/42 (D)6793 Gateshead
BRD/43 (D)6939 Location unknown
BRD/44 (D)7009 Swindon Works
BRD/45 (D)7093 & Class 08 Location unknown
BRD/46 (D)8214 Stratford Works possibly
BRD/47 (D)8540 Polmadie
BRD/48 40042 Aberdeen colour
BRD/49 50041 Tyne Yard colour
BRD/50 55005 Newcastle Central colour
BRD/51 55006 possibly Newcastle Central colour
BRD/52 76057 Reddish Depot possibly
BRD/53 84003 Location unknown LMS tender in shot colour
BRD/54 87005 Location unknown
BRD/55 2xClass 31 & Peak Birtley possibly colour
BRD/56 Class 37 & Class 24 Carr House West 2 freights passing
BRD/57 Class 40 Plawsworth viaduct
BRD/58 Class 50 Carlisle Upperby possibly
BRD/59 Class 50 Carlisle Upperby possibly
BRD/60 Clayton Newcastle Central on freight
BRD/61 General view of Crewe Diesel Depot
BRD/61 Class 40 Durham station
BRD/62 (D)2028 & (D)20xx Swindon Works possibly
BRD/63 Class 55 Durham station
BRD/64 (D)102x Unknown shed
BRD/65 (D)0280 Brush Falcon Swindon Works
BRD/66 D319 Location unknown
BRD/67 D340 possibly Newcastle Central
BRD/68 D340 possibly Newcastle Central
BRD/69 D354 Durham Station
BRD/70 D403 Carlisle Citadel
BRD/71 D432 & D4xx Wigan North Western station
BRD/72 D443 Location unknown
BRD/73 D447 & D4xx Crewe possibly
BRD/74 D1023 Swindon Works
BRD/75 D1023 Swindon works
BRD/76 D1023 Swindon works
BRD/77 D1024 Swindon possibly
BRD/78 D2117 & D2372 Unknown shed
BRD/79 D3729 Sunderland South Dock
BRD/80 D3931 D2423 D5068 Location unknown
BRD/81 D5249 Location unknown
BRD/82 D5702 Location unknown
BRD/83 D6802 West Hartlepool Shed 10.9.72
BRD/84 D7000 Location unknown
BRD/85 D7017 Location unknown
BRD/86 D7659 & (D)389 Tyne Yard possibly
BRD/87 55001 possibly York
BRD/88 Class 55 Doncaster station
BRD/89 Class 55 Durham viaduct
BRD/90 Class 55 Plawsworth
BRD/91 Newcastle Central 2xDiesel Multiple Units colour
BRD/92 E3022 Crewe
BRD/93 E3131 Crewe possibly
BRD/94 E3132 Crewe
BRD/95 E3157 Crewe
BRD/96 E26010 Location unknown
BRD/97 E26026 Reddish Depot possibly
BRD/98 2xClass 37 Grangemouth Shed
BRD/99 General view of Grangemouth Shed
BRD/100 2xClass 40 Manchester Victoria looking east
BRD/101 Peak on passenger Location unknown
BRD/102 Peak Newcastle Central colour
BRD/103 Peak Tyne Yard colour
BRD/104 General view of Polmadie Shed
BRD/105 2xClass 24 South Pelaw
BRD/106 South Pelaw signal box Class 37 in shot
BRD/107 General view of South Pelaw Class 243in shot
BRD/108 3xClass 37 Sunderland South Dock Shed
BRD/109 General view inside Swindon Works
BRD/110 General view inside Swindon Works
BRD/111 D10xx Location unknown
BRD/112 Swindon Scrap Yard Westerns being scrapped
IND/1 No.5 passing shed with empties
IND/2 No.5 Philadelphia Shed
IND/3 No.5 Philadelphia Shed
IND/4 No.5 Philadelphia Shed
IND/5 No.29 coming off Houghton Branch with load
IND/6 No.29 coming off Houghton Branch with load
IND/7 No.29 coming off Houghton Branch with load
IND/8 No.29 coming off Houghton Branch with load
IND/9 Junction Bank train of empties coming up
PRESERVED (All colour)
PRES/1 (4)4767 Location unknown
PRES/2 60009 Aberdeen Ferryhill Shed on turntable
PRES/3 2005 Thornaby Shed roundhouse
PRES/4 2238 Thornaby Shed roundhouse
PRES/5 2238 Thornaby Shed roundhouse outside
PRES/6 Q6 K1 & J27 Thornaby Shed roundhouse
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