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J27 Blog

A log of activity concerning the J27.

17th September 2021


The J27 has been running intermittently on the internal service. It has had problems with a fusible plug leaking (round the threads, not the lead), but those now seem to have been resolved, and it took the diner on Friday, assisted by the blue Class 20 on the rear.


J27 - 31 August/1-3 September 2021


Ian reports a cool, grey, drizzly, morning on Tuesday at Grosmont,  but brightening up later with odd squally showers, greeted Bill Dobson, Ian McCall, Nigel Hall, Gordon Wells, Nigel Bill, Trevor Wilford, Ian, and Paul Hutchinson.

The J27 was on washout and a list of repairs had been drawn up by Chris Henwood. The safety valves were removed for inspection. Quite a lot of loose bolts were found on and around the buffer beam. This job proved to be very awkward to get at in a very confined space and, as usual, some of the nuts were of different sizes. Quite a few were secured, with more to be done on the Wednesday.

Wednesday was another cold, drizzly, grey, morning but again brightening up later for Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam and Ian. Work concentrated on the J27, based on Chris Henwood's list of repairs, and carrying on from Tuesday:

  • The remaining buffer beam bolts had to be removed and a small keyway cut into the frame to allow the bolts to fit snugly and be tightened up.
  • A loose fitting oil pipe in the cab was secured and tightened up.
  • Under the locomotive, on the left hand driver spring, a central hanger pin had a split pin fitted instead of a screw type pin. It was thought this may been fitted when a broken spring was changed a few weeks ago. After the split pin was removed, a screw type pin was tried instead of the split pin but would not fit. So the split pin was put back in. The fitting staff advised that they had great difficulty in removing these threaded type pins when changing a spring. So, instead, they fit a split pin which makes the job much easier.
  • Left hand leading front horn stay nut tightened.
  • Tender left hand rear spring hanger locking nut tightened and all others checked and tightened where necessary.
  • On  the same spring, on the trailing top end of the spring, a loose bolt was tightened.

10/11 August 2021


The J27 has been running during this week from Sunday through to Wednesday. Its normal diagram is Sunday to Thursday, but it did not run yesterday because of a problem with the brake system which is requiring attention from the MPD. Hopefully it will be back in traffic on Sunday.

After servicing on pit at 15:50 on 10th August, backing down to the station - Nigel Hall

A close-up of the smoke box door. The loco would appear to have been re-allocated to York (50A) - Nigel Hall

Departing with 16.30 on 10th August – the sun had finished and gone home for the day - Nigel Hall

Last Updated on Monday, 16 August 2021 21:03

J27 at work


The J27 came back into service yesterday evening on the 4 coach set as anticipated. It worked today on the 10.55 from Pickering returning with the 12.30 departure from Grosmont, and then the 14.00 from Pickering before taking the 16.30 from Grosmont back to Pickering - and very fine it looked in the evening sun. That will presumably be its usual diagram for the next few days: it has 14 days left before it is due its 28 day wash out.



3rd and 4th August 2021


The J27 had been in traffic over the last weekend and Monday/Tuesday, but came back with a broken spring on Tuesday night. That was replaced on Wednesday by the MPD, and following a water change is expected to be back in operation on Sunday for another period. It had worked 16 days up to Tuesday night.


Wednesday 28th July 2021



My Grandsons first visit to Grosmont Shed today. The J27 as formal spare engine in the running shed from the shop gallery - Peter W.  Robinson

After a brief spell of operation following its return from North Tyneside, with the start of the Gold timetable from 26 July to 5 September and its seven coach sets, the J27 is now the formal spare engine. As it is limited to no more than six Mk 1s, if it is called into service, it will only be on the understanding that the Class 25 will be on the rear doimg all the work. After 5 September, it will return to duty on the four coach internal service between Grosmont and Pickering.

Last Updated on Saturday, 31 July 2021 12:13

North Tyneside Gala


J27 with passenger train awaits departure - Colin Smith

J27 with freight - Colin Smith

65894 between Percy Main and Middle Engine Lane on the North Tyneside Steam Railway on 10 July 2021 - Michael Denholm

65894 shunts the demonstration freight train at Middle Engine Lane on the North Tyneside Steam Railway on 10 July 2021. Chris lawson

Following its successful staycation on the North Tyneside Steam Railway for their 30th Anniversary Gala, the J27 tender arrived back at New Bridge, Pickering, on Wednesday 14th July, followed by the engine yesterday. Paul Hutchinson and Angie were due to reconnect both parts today, and it is expected that the locomotive will be quickly back into traffic on the NYMR internal service diagram - keep an eye on the NYMR webcams. Attached are a few photos of the J27 at work between Percy Main and Middle Engine Lane during the Gala.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 July 2021 23:04

Arrival at North Tyneside


The J27 was moved to New Bridge, Pickering on Saturday 3 July, locomotive and tender split over the weekend, and then transported to the North Tyneside Railway in two loads on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday saw locomotive and tender reconnected and a fire lit, ready for test running on Thursday. Jon Bradley attended on Thursday to help and advise. He checked oiling up was done with no problems, and accompanied the crew on one run up and down the line to Percy Main. Everything appeared to be OK, he checked both slide bars and asked the crew to keep an eye on the oil quantities in both pots, but with the limited mileage that will be run there should not be a problem.

Jon was due to be in first thing this morning (Friday) to sign on with the crew and check they are OK, but once they do their first run he will depart. He reports that it was quite nostalgic to think they are running round on the site of the old Percy Main Shed, but the line now is through various modern industrial estates. Nevertheless, lots of interesting things in the Museum and he says it is well worth a visit. The J27 will be working a mix of passenger and freight demonstration trains on all three days of the Gala, on its own but also top and tailing and double heading with No 49 from Tanfield, and Bagnall No 401 from the home fleet, on at least one train during each day. For admission details go to I will be there myself tomorrow (Saturday) with a small sales stand so may hopefully see one or two of you then.

The J27 will return to the NYMR on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and will then be available for service once more.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 July 2021 22:31

Preparation for North Tyneside



We had a successful day steam testing and running in the locomotive on Tuesday.

It was great to spend the day with Colin Smith, Paul Hutchinson, Angie Buxton, Richard Worrall and Finn Allen and Ian Pearson, and the Q6 gang too!. The sun was out, and we enjoyed our day fixing the odd defect, raising some steam and running the loco to see that the motion operated satisfactorily following the work done over the last 6 months. We aren't out of the woods yet, there is still a few minor jobs to attend too and the insurance exam itself of course.

Paul Hutchinson adjusting the safety valves - Colin Smith

Driver Ian Pearson making the the first independant movement up the yard - Colin Smith

Many Thanks to Paul Hutchinson for setting the safety valves, Ian for driving, and Adrian Dennis for his input on behalf of the NYMR during the test.

65894 on the pit at Grosmont after successful internal steam test on 22 June 2021 - Ian Pearson

Chris Henwood and Finn Allen by J27 stabled outside Deviation Shed - Nicholas Procter

We have our hot insurance exam at 10 30 on Thursday. Adrian Dennis is going to be in charge of the shed and will oversee the steam raising and the exam.

On Thursday the J27 successfully passed its insurance steam test with Glyn Coxhill, Bureau Veritas boiler inspector and Chris Henwood in attendance. The locomotve spent the rest of the week hauling the Grosmont - Pickering service.

65894 and NYMR Fuss Free Carriage at Pickering for Chris Dickerson's funeral cortege on 28 June 2021 - Dave Pennock

After turning, hauling the 12.30 ex Grosmont on 29th June - Nigel Hall

North Tyneside

Chris Lawson has been dealing with this in terms of hire agreement, and organising transport, but I have been in contact with Stephen Thornton at the NT railway discussing our involvement as owners representatives with the j27 when it gets up there.

What a nice way to spend a few days, looking after our loco, on a different railway alongside their own home fleet and other visiting engines!

The loco and tender arrive by road on the Monday and Tuesday. They will unite the two on the Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning (I will confirm at a later date when I know more) and a warming fire is to be lit Wednesday evening.

Thursday will be raising steam and testing, aswell as crew familiarity running.

Friday Saturday and Sunday are all Gala running days!

Jon Bradley and Ian Storey I believe are going to attend during the Gala event and the days leading up to it. Please do get in touch if you would like to be involved on any of the days, and If you would like accommodation. We can form some sort of 'Roster', and I can send it across to Stephen they know who's coming and when. I dont know alot more at this point, but I'll update you all as I find out more.

That's if we pass the exam and get the loco run in, of course. it could still go horribly wrong!

Last Updated on Saturday, 31 July 2021 11:54

Sunday 20th June - preparation for steam test


There are still a few outstanding odd jobs to complete before the steam test, and before the loco enters traffic. Here is a rough idea of what is happening this coming week, please let me know if you would like to be involved with any of it


The MPD is doing an 'independent exam' as part of its own annual inspection. I have no doubt that a small jobs list will soon appear following this. No doubt there'll be the odd split pin or locking nut we've yet to fit! There are still a few bolts on the buffer beam that need addressing.. Two of the newer bolts will need to be removed, have a 'key' welded on, and re fitted.

If anyone is happy to attend on Monday that would be great, I will be at work, sadly.

The idea is to put a warming fire in on Monday evening, with a view to raise some steam on Tuesday. Barry Neesham is making up some new safety link pins, which can be fitted when they are ready.


Paul Hutchinson and I are planning to go to shed on Tuesday to do our steam test and set the safety valves. There doesn't need to be a lot of people about for this, as I am sure we will have an MPD fitter about overseeing the test, again, for their own exam, but it would still be great to have a few people about! We can all fix odd defects as we find them, drink tea and catch up, and inevitably console each other when it all goes horribly wrong.


I suppose Wednesdays work will be continuing to rectify issues from the previous two days, and all being well, putting a warming fire in for Thursday Hot exam.


Hot exam. Fingers crossed.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 July 2021 20:55
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