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Q6 Blog

A record of events, activities and our work with the Q6.

As the Covid-19 pandemic had reduced the requirement for locomotives on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, in June 2020 a small group of volunteers, working within the Covid-19 protocol, made an early start on the plan to lift the boiler out of the frames. This was to allow an external examination of the boiler by the insurance company, and to allow the boiler ticket to be extended to 2028 - 10 years from the date of the internal examination. The opportunity was taken at this time to service the axle boxes, horns and related "bottom end" components.

The locomotive has had an "internal" steam test which has revealed a small number of snags to be rectified. Afer the formal steam test, witnessed by our insurance company boiler inspector, the locomotive should be ready for service again.

Q6 - 6/7/8 September 2021

A three day report this week, as, on Monday morning, Ian  and Bill were at Grosmont to witness for a couple of hours the first steaming of the Q6  since the boiler was last steamed out of the frames in March. The boiler was taken up to 150 psi. Another  test was planned for Tuesday but this had to be abandoned because of a rocking grate problem.

On Tuesday, Ian had a lovely Autumn morning travelling to Grosmont, with a slight mist rising from the moors and sunshine breaking through leaving a very hot day at 25 plus degrees centigrade.  Bill Dobson and Nigel Hall joined Ian in the heat.

There were quite a few problems at the MPD that morning, with the steam test on the Q6 cancelled due to the grate fault, Black 5 No 5428 and Standard Tank No 80136 were failed with various faults, and shed staff had to get 76079 ready for traffic at short notice. The first trip from Grosmont to Whitby was cancelled. Later the London Transport liveried Class 20 diesel locomotive which had recently arrived for this weekend's diesel gala was brought through from Pickering to work some of the Whitby trains (see photo).

London Transport liveried Class 20 at Grosmont on 7 September 2021 to help with motive power crisis - Nigel Hall

The first job was to inform Glynn Coxhill, the Bureau Veritas boiler insurance inspector, that the steam test was cancelled, as Bill had informed him the day before that there would be an afternoon steam test on the Tuesday. Another formal insurance steam test is being arranged, but when Glynn will be able to fit it in is not yet clear. The other work done during the day saw the grate repaired by the MPD boilersmiths with assistance from Bill; both draw bar shackles were cleaned, dressed up and NDT inspected (both OK); work started on preparing the smokebox spark arrester components in Deviation Shed - this required some old studs drilling out and re tapping some of the securing holes; and white lining was started on the walkway sides between Nos 7 and 8 Roads. The draw bar hooks will have to be removed in the near future for NDT inspection but this was not possible on Tuesday as the Q6 needs to be on a pit.

After speaking to Paul Wickham, the plan on Tuesday afternoon was to have the Q6 in steam on Wednesday for an internal steam test. In addition the J27 was in steam in the late afternoon having its safety valves set (see photo) before working the late running 16.30 to Pickering.

63395 and 65894 in steam outside NYMR MPD on 7 September 202 -. Ian Pearson

Wednesday was another hot day with Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Nigel Hall, Colin Smith and Ian Pearson present.

With the Q6 in steam, and being brought round steadily, it was arranged to do the internal steam test after lunch. In the meantime, work continued on the smokebox spark arrester fittings, and a lot of tidying up on the workshop benches was done, the clock in the workshop was moved to the outside and fitted above the defibrillator (see photo) and both rechargeable hand lamp chargers were fitted on the wall at the south end of the workshop near where the clock was fitted. Colin Smith completed the white line painting (see photo - also see photo of 17th August 2019).

Deviation Shed clock relocated on 8 September 2021 -  Ian Pearson

Colin Smith finishing off the white lining of the walkways in Deviation Shed on 8 September 2021 - Ian Pearson

In the afternoon, the steam test was successfully carried out by MPD staff and our team. The main job was to establish that the new main steam pipes in the smokebox were steam tight. All was fine with no leaks. However, the reverser would not work when steam was applied, but after some adjustments were made to the  steam valve and the operating rod turn buckle, steam was applied to operate the forward and reversing movements satisfactorily.

Not surprisingly, the steam test provided a list of jobs which need attention:

  • Air leak in smokebox saddle.
  • Ejector exhaust pipe in cab blowing the big union.
  • Ejector exhaust pipe joint on smokebox side leaking.
  • Righthand piston cover slight leakage at the bottom.
  • Vacuum brake faulty train pipe and reservoir drop rapidly.
  • Steam brake not applying brakes.
  • Engine and tender drawbar to tighten and secure.

Q6 - 31 August/1-3 September 2021

Ian reports a cool, grey, drizzly, morning on Tuesday at Grosmont,  but brightening up later with odd squally showers, greeted Bill Dobson, Ian McCall, Nigel Hall, Gordon Wells, Nigel Bill, Trevor Wilford, Ian, and Paul Hutchinson.

Work on weighing the Q6, which would have to be done on No 5 Road pit, was cancelled due to other priorities - the S15 being fitted with new brake blocks and problems with its TPWS/ AWS system. Then, later in the afternoon, the 9F was put inside No 5 Road to wait for its wheels to be measured on Wednesday morning. It was so frustrating when we had been waiting since last Thursday for the weighing to commence.

However, some jobs were done on the Q6:

  • The lubricator nuts were leaking slightly so PTFE tape was put around the back of the nuts to form a seal when tightened.
  • A cluster of the oil pipes which come from inside the frames through a hole in the frames to the lubricator and were slightly loose have been clamped.
  • Right hand foot step had its bracket re shaped to miss the new lubricator drive shaft and was refitted.

Up at Deviation Shed, the defibrillator was given its monthly check, and the pit walls were completed with a coat of off white emulsion (see photo). The Railway's lifting tackle inspector arrived last week to check our small jack, strops and shackles. All tested satisfactorily and a white dot applied as this is now the new colour code for lifting appliances. Please do not use any with a different colour code.

Deviation Shed walkways and and pit walls after cleaning and repainting on 31 August 2021 - Ian Pearson

Wednesday was another cold, drizzly, grey, morning but again brightening up later for Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam and Ian.

On the Q6, the regulator was shimmed and secured onto its fitting in the cab.  This is only a temporary job as it will need welding and machining when time allows. The fire grate was fitted out ready for lighting a fire in the near future after weighing has taken place, and the locomotive moved over to No 5 Road later in the afternoon prior to putting the weighing equipment on to the pit. On Thursday, the locomotive was weighed satisfactorily, with no problems found, and the tender was successfully weighed yesterday (Friday). The plan now is for a warming fire to be put in on Sunday evening, ready for an internal steam test on Monday. Assuming that goes well, then the boiler inspector will be invited to attend for the formal steam test, following which the spark arrestor will need refitting and some running in should see the Q6 return to operation - hopefully in time to join the J27 for the Steam Gala at the end of September.


Q6 - 24/25 August 2021

Ian reports a warm but mostly cloudy day at Grosmont on Tuesday with Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Trevor Wilford, Nigel Hall, Gordon Wells and Ian all present.

With the Q6 now in the running shed, the jobs undertaken were:

  1. 1New axle box lubricator actuating arm was modified and the running plate foot step bracket removed. It is in the process of being reshaped to allow the new drive shaft free movement.
  2. New axle box lubricator R1 pipe was tested to see if it was supplying oil to the righthand leading axle box. This test was completed successfully.
  3. Some cab fittings were checked and tightened up - mainly the clack box air ministry joints which have been double nutted.
  4. Some oiling was carried out. All brass boxes were checked for trimmings, then filled with oil. Piston rod and slide bar oil pots filled. The lefthand coupling rods with little end and big end bearing oiled. Righthand side coupling rods and con rod still to oil.

Ian Pearson tightens the cab fittings - Nigel Hall

At Deviation Shed, various items were removed from Nos 6/7 walkway, then the top end was painted. In the workshop, most of the small plastic storage drawers have now had their contents labelled, which will save a lot of time searching for items. Spare locomotive gauge frame protectors were cleaned, black lines painted onto the white background, and also a spring fitted to one to allow the back plate to close firmly.

Wednesday was another warm cloudy day for Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Colin Smith and Ian Pearson.

In Deviation Shed all the old flaking paint was removed from the pit walls by Colin Smith (see photo) then painted with white emulsion paint . A good third of the pit has been painted.

Deviation Shed - a happy Colin Smith scraping off loose paint in the pit before repainting on 25 August 2021 - Ian Pearson

Down at the running shed, the following was done:

  1. More cab fittings were tightened up, along with the steam pipe from the manifold to the blower and the steam brake securing bracket.
  2. Steam pipe from manifold to vacuum ejector was lagged and secured with jubilee clips.
  3. The axle box lubricator actuating arm was dressed and fitted onto the lubricator. It was then attached to the drive shaft which obtains its drive from the cylinder oil lubricator.
  4. Under the engine, some eccentric rod taper pins were removed, shortened, then refitted.
  5. Tender axle box covers were removed to inspect the oiler pads but the pads would not come out. The tender will have to be jacked up a little later.

The Q6 was moved onto the pit road in the running shed. Weighing is planned to start today, Thursday 26th.

Deviation Shed - Ian Storey cutting his birthday cake on 25 August with wife Sheila and Bill Dobson - Ian Pearson

Ian Storey and Sheila called in to see the locomotive and have a chat. As it was Ian’s birthday, Bill brought a lemon drizzle cake with one candle lit for Ian to blow out (I am not saying how many there should have been!). Having successfully done so, he cut the cake (see photo), while everyone sang Happy Birthday.


Q6 - 17/18 August 2021

Ian reports that Tuesday was a cloudy warm day at Grosmont for Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Ian McCall, Nigel Hall and himself.

The previous day (Monday afternoon), the Q6 was shunted down to No 4 Road at the MPD, after fitting the main draw bar pin, tender to locomotive brake linkage, and vacuum and steam heat hoses. A list of outstanding work has been drawn up for NELPG and NYMR shed staff to complete.

63395 on No 4 Road in the NYMR running shed on 18 August 2021 - Hugh Fenwick

On Tuesday, the NYMR shed staff fitted both steam pipes into the smokebox, along with the vacuum exhaust pipe and blower pipe (see photo).Meanwhile, the NELPG working party intended to fit the grate with the new fire bars which had been delivered recently, but it was soon found that they were slightly too long and would not fit snugly. As the old ones were still in the firebox and only required two more fire bars to complete the rear section, two old bars were found and fitted. The right trailing coupling rod taper pin, which was a bit too long, was cut down to a reasonable size, along with the righthand big end taper pin which needed the same treatment. The lefthand driving coupling rod cotter was replaced and a new securing cotter made and fitted, and similarly for the lefthand intermediate rod. The regulator handle was rubbed down and primed and the shims removed from the regulator shaft. The 'Front Sands' transfers were applied inside the cab and also the cab plaques refitted to the roof (see photo). Finally, the footpath between Nos 6 and 7 Roads was swept and a start was made repainting the walkway.

63395 steam pipes and blower ring installed on 17 August 2021 by MPD staff - Ian Pearson.

63395 cab plaques refitted Augusts 2021 - Ian Pearson

Wednesday saw a cold cloudy start to the morning but by 10am the sun was shining and Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Jon Bradley and Ian got very warm.

The following jobs were completed from the list of rectifications, following on from the previous day.

  1. Right intermediate coupling rod retaining cotter removed re -profiled then refitted as it had been rubbing against the side rod.
  2. Righthand Intermediate coupling rod end cap fitted then secured with a taper pin which was cut to size and split.
  3. Lefthand cylinder drain cock fitted.
  4. oth piston packing cover studs split pinned.
  5. Whistle linkage fitted.
  6. Pressure gauges secured.
  7. Lubricator arm locking plate split pin fitted (but not opened out.)
  8. Smokebox door crossbar fitted.
  9. Smokebox blower bracket clamps fitted to blast pipe.
  10. Bill Dobson worked all day trying to get the defective pump in the axle box lubricator to work properly but with no success. He then borrowed one from Black Five 44806 ‘s lubricator which he fitted in the Q6’s lubricator and now that pump works satisfactorily.

Other work done during the day saw Nigel Hall cleaning No 7 and 8 Roads walk way and giving it a coat of floor paint (see photo). The wooden beading was finally fitted around the front and rear of the cab roof then primed. The rough edges on each end of the lubricator drive shaft were dressed.

Deviation Shed floor being cleaned and repainted by Nigel Hall on 18 August 2021 - Ian Pearson

On the Railway the J27 continued in use on the 4 coach trains of the Sunday - Thursday internal service.


Q6 - 10/11 August 2021

It was a fine warm day with the odd shower at Grosmont on Tuesday for Bill Dobson, Ian McCall, James Pearcy, Nigel Hall, Gordon Wells, Jon Bradley, Nigel Bill, and Ian Pearson.

As there was quite an amount of water in the pit that morning the first job was to solve a problem with the pit pump which was causing the earth leakage switch to trip. After isolating the the pump supply and then, after disconnecting the pump plug, it was found to be contaminated with water. It must have got soaked when the tender was filled the previous week. The plug and socket was cleaned and dried and, after removing some debris from the outlet bend on the pump, it shot back into action removing the water from the pit.The drainage channel could still do with another rake through however, to clear any remaining debris.

Jobs completed were:

  1. Righthand eccentric rods fitted secured with nuts and lock nuts.
  2. Lefthand forward eccentric had a 43 thou shim fitted and all the the nuts on both lefthand eccentrics were secured, including the locking nuts.
  3. The crosshead large cotter pin was driven out after being jammed last week.
  4. A lot of work was done by Gordon Wells on the new axle box R2 pump which had been giving problems. They were thought to have been resolved, but further testing the next day found it still needs more attention.
  5. Both sides of the tender had been varnished by Nigel Hall after he had fitted the BR logos on Monday.
  6. Cab side windows fitted by Jon Bradley who also made a start on cleaning and polishing the cab front windows.
  7. A start was made on filing the lefthand large crosshead cotter.
  8. A start was made on fitting eccentric rod taper pins joining the rod to the expansion links.
  9. Engraved brass plates were fitted to the axle box lubricators identifying oil pipe to axle box or cylinders.

Wednesday was another fine day with Bill Dobson, Ed Bolam, Nigel Hall, Chris Lawson and Ian Pearson present.

Jobs completed were:

  1. Righthand crosshead large cotter dressed and made to fit the crosshead slot by Nigel Hall. This took most of the day, with trial fitting and dressing throughout before finally being secured with small cotter and split pinned.
  2. Lefthand big end securing securing cotter made and fitted and split pinned
  3. Both brass front window frames polished, glass cleaned then fitted back onto the brackets in the cab by Jon Bradley, with assistance from Ed Bolam.
  4. Eccentric rod taper pins fitted at the expansion link end and opened out.
  5. Eight securing cotters fitted to the eccentric strap securing studs in front of the locking nuts, involving much pinch barring of the locomotive to get everything aligned.
  6. Steam reversing shaft fitted from reversing arm to oil cylinder arm.
  7. Some re adjustment of the new lubricator drive shaft was made with a new hole drilled and refitted.
  8. The tender and locomotive were re-connected at the end of the day - but only on the safety links.

The steam pipes are in the MPD running shed after machining, and a Lenz ring has been successfully trial fitted to confirm the machining is correct. They will be fitted by Barney and MPD colleagues once the Q6 is moved down to the running shed, which, for the second week running, is expected to take place on Friday ie today.

63395 front after repainting on 11 August 2021 - Ian Pearson.

63395 left hand side after repainting on 11 August 2021 - Ian Pearson

63395 right hand side after repainting on 11 August 2021 - Ian Pearson

63395 cab interior after renovation on 11 August 2021 - Ian Pearson

Attached are some photographs of the locomotive showing the superb finish that Nigel Hall has achieved with his paintwork, and of the interior of the cab on which Jon Bradley has concentrated - the plaques have still to be fitted to the roof and no, that is not a new chair for the driver, Jon will have to stand like the rest of the crew!


Q6 -3/4 August 2021

Ian Pearson reports that Tuesday was a lovely fine day at Grosmont with Nigel Bill, Ian McCall, Neil Smedley, Nigel Hall, Jon Bradley, Gordon Wells and Ian himself.

A successful day with the following achieved:

  1. Lefthand piston packing fitted and secured with slide bar oil pot attached.
  2. Lefthand little end pin fitted and secured with castellated nut and cotter fitted.
  3. Lefthand and righthand big end felt pads fitted.
  4. Lefthand and right hand big end securing nuts fitted and tightened, then taper pin fitted.
  5. Jon Bradley steamed a wood strip for fitting round the edge of the cab roof (see photo).
  6. Righthand crosshead cotter fitted but securing cotter to make and fit on Wednesday.
  7. Righthand trailing coupling rod end cap fitted and taper pinned
  8. Lefthand top and bottom eccentric rods fitted. Some securing still to do with tightening of nuts on to the eccentric straps and taper pins to secure and open out at the link end
  9. The large lefthand crosshead cotter was hammered down but jammed part way in, so this will require removal next week.
  10. A hose was linked up to the main water supply and fed into the tender and filling commenced
  11. The tender was measured up on the righthand side ready for the BR transfer to be fitted.
  12. Loco number transfers 63395 put on the cab sides (see photo) and then both cab sides varnished.

63395 renumbered at Deviation Shed on 3 August, with Ian McCall ready to wield the bar on the eccentrics - Nigel Hall

63395 with Jon Bradley steaming the timber lath to fit on the curve of the Q6 cab roof on 3 August 2021 - Nigel Hall

Paul and Angie arrived at about 17:30 with a washout pump. They exchanged that for seat cutters.

Wednesday was another fine day warm day at Grosmont until later in the afternoon when the heavens opened. Hopefully that will have reduced the potential fire risk on the moors at Summit. Only Nigel Hall and Steve Hyman were present in Deviation Shed although Ian called in to see how things were going, and Peter Whitaker came and put the lion portion of the tender transfer on, leaving the two British Railway pieces for Nigel to complete (see photo).

63395 BR crest applied to the RHS tender on 4 August 2021 - Nigel Hall

Nigel Hall did a lot of tidying up around Deviation Shed, sweeping the walkways and moving items to clear the walkway, especially between Nos 6 and 7 Roads as there will be a Vera Lynn working part on Saturday with Ian Foot. Steve completed a number of jobs around the Q6's motion:

  1. Made a small securing cotter and fitted to the righthand large cotter.
  2. Small cotter made and fitted to the intermediate side rod gradient pin large cotter.
  3. Lefthand little end oil pot fitted.
  4. Lefthand piston oil pot fitted.

Nigel continued painting control handles etc in the afternoon after Steve had left, as it was unlikely that anybody was going to access the cab or tender before the paint had dried.

The tender was topped up with the water level about 18” from the top of the tank. All filling hoses have been returned to the MPD hose lockers inside No 5 Road. Filling was required to prevent the tender from derailing when shunting, as the Q6 is due to be moved into the running shed tomorrow (Friday). Both sides of the tender now need a coat of varnish to seal the transfers and Nigel Hall was hoping to do that before the Q6 is moved. The machined steam pipes were collected from Oak Engineering at Hebburn by Nigel Bill yesterday afternoon and delivered to Grosmont this morning. They will be fitted by the MPD staff. The gauge glasses, Klinger packings and grate need fitting, but we are now getting very close to an internal steam test prior to that for the boiler inspector, and a return to traffic.


Q6 - 27/28 July 2021

Q6 looking more complete on 28th July - Nigel Hall

Ian Pearson reports that Tuesday was another warm day, albeit slightly overcast. Those present were Bill Dobson, Ian McCall, Gordon Wells, Nigel Hall, Jon Bradley, Ian and, after lunch, Trevor Wilford.

The new Q6 axle box lubricator was put into position, bolted down and all 8 oil pipes connected. The drive shaft had been fabricated out of a piece of steel strip about 2” in width. At each end of the drive shaft, connections were made, welded onto the drive shaft and dressed. Two new connecting pins were made by Barry Nesom at the machine shop. The drive shaft was connected and manually worked by hand to see if it was working correctly. At this point it worked OK but requires some slight modification to get the drive working to its full travel. This was to be done on Wednesday. It was noticed that on the cylinder lubricator, a spring had broken on one of the pumps which dropped into the oil reservoir. This will have to be fished out on Wednesday as well. This is not a coil spring: more like a clock spring but not as long!

Four securing clips were fitted to the intermediate axle box horn guides after drilling the holes and tapping the threads. Four still to do on the driving axle horn guides. Tom Lee, the MPD boiler smith apprentice, completed the righthand cylinder grinding by mid afternoon. Work was also completed on the cab windows, and an attempt made to fix curved beading to the front roof section of the cab, but it snapped. This will have to be rectified next week. Some buffing of the copper pipe in the cab was done. The tender shovelling area was given a coat of black undercoat. The smokebox door was rubbed down and given a coat of undercoat.

Wednesday was a slightly cooler day with some heavy thundery showers during the afternoon for Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Nigel Hall, James Pearcy and Ian.

After cleaning all the swarf from the righthand cylinder and annealing the copper cover joint, the piston was fitted with the cover following. Then the little end pin was removed, disconnecting the con rod. This allowed the bump test to be carried out successfully. The little end pin was refitted followed by the big end bearing. However, to get this fitted comfortably 50 thou was machined off the glut. The packings and oil pot were then fitted and secured. Both cylinder covers were tightened up using a torque wrench.

The lubricator drive shaft was modified by Steve on Wednesday and now works fine. Bill managed to retrieve the spring from the lubricator oil reservoir. In the meantime, Martin Ashburner from Armstrong Oilers made a new spring. Bill had a go at fitting it but it was too fiddly a job for the end of the day and he had to leave it for Gordon to fit next week. The four driving axle horn guide oil pipes were secured with clips after drilling and tapping. The tender shovelling area and smokebox door were given a coat of black gloss paint.

Machining of the steam pipes at Oak Engineering is finally due to start on Monday and they should be available for collection on Thursday.


Q6 - 20/21 July 2021

As with the rest of this week, Tuesday was a very stifling, hot day in Deviation Shed for Bill Dobson, Nigel Hall, Jon Bradley, Gordon Wells and Ian Pearson.

A small amount of the ridge in the left hand cylinder remained from last week when the MPD staff were working on its removal, and Bill dealt with it. With the aid of our lifting equipment the lefthand piston was then fitted into the cylinder and a bump test carried out which was OK. On the righthand side, the piston was connected to the con rod but the big end bearing required fitting. So, after a struggle to get the bearing fitted by moving the engine a short distance with a pinch bar, it seemed there was a problem with the piston not travelling far enough back. It was thought it could be the same issue as the left side, even though a satisfactory bump test had been carried out on 23 June. As it was late in the day all that was done was to loosen the cylinder cover ready for dismantling the next day.

Other work done was cleaning the cab windows' glass, the new pane was fitted to the frame that had broken glass, and some more wooden beading fitted to the cab roof. The front buffer beam was rubbed down and given a coat of red gloss, but, unfortunately, later, while fitting the lefthand piston, somehow, someone touched the corner of the buffer beam with their oily gloves (see photo) - the black hand of the fitter! A lot of paint touching up under the frames was done, and the righthand boiler hand rail rubbed down and primed. A start was made around the tender shovelling area, dressing the old paint and rust, and a coat of primer was applied.


63395 newly painted buffer beam with the black hand of a fitter on 20 July 2021 - Nigel Hall.

Wednesday was no cooler for Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam and Nigel Hall. For Ian, who was driving on the NYMR, it must have been unbearably hot in the already hot cab of a steam locomotive.

Using our lifting equipment, the righthand piston cover was removed, then the piston detached from the crosshead, and the piston extracted. After removal, the cylinder was inspected to find a ridge of metal similar to that which was on the left side. Bill arranged with the MPD for this to be removed during the week. On the lefthand side, the con rod was fitted to the crosshead along with the big end bearing and shimmed. Bump tests were carried out - all were satisfactory. A new small securing cotter is to be made for the big end large cotter. More preparation work around the shovelling area of the tender was done and a coat of primer applied. Also more paint touching up around the engine frames and hand rails given some more paint. The three remaining oil pipes, L1,2,and 3, were primed satisfactorily. Bill has spoken to Ian Selkirk of Hogg Engineering about the main steam pipes. They are now at Oak Engineering at Hebburn on Tyneside and are about to be machined.


Q6 - 13-15 July 2021

Tuesday was a miserable misty damp morning for the journey to Grosmont, but later in the morning the sun broke through to present a fine day. At Deviation Shed the working party consisted of Bill Dobson, Nigel Hall, Trevor Wilford, Gordon Wells and Ian Pearson.

Pipe work for the ash pan sprinkler was put together once various fittings had been made, and by the end of the day the pipe was almost ready. The cab windows were rubbed down and given another coat of varnish on each side. Inside the cab, self adhesive labels were applied to the driver's side indicating forward and reverse for the steam reverser, and open/shut for the cylinder cocks. Then the black area in the cab was given a coat of varnish. The ejector shield was fitted and the manifold cover was fitted to the front of the cab. The lefthand cylinder cover copper ring was removed and annealed. Bill spent all day trying, with great difficulty, to remove the ridge at the rear of the cylinder but didn’t achieve very much. This is due to the restricted area to work in (and poor quality tools) as the attached photo of Bill inside the cylinder demonstrates. The front buffer beam was sanded down to remove its NER number.


63395 left cylinder being occupied by Bill Dobson 13 July 2021 grinding out the back ridge following the reboring - Ian Pearson.

Wednesday saw another wet foggy morning at Grosmont but the sun shone after lunch and it got quite hot. The crew this day was Bill Dobson, Nigel Hall, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Nigel Bill, Chris Lawson and Ian Pearson.

Bill has asked for help from the MPD to complete the grinding at the rear of the cylinder, which they have agreed to provide. Two of the MPD apprentices have subsequently been grinding the ridge in the cylinder but the job is not yet finished. Steve Hyman completed priming of the new lubricator pipes on the right hand side to establish the oil is getting to the new oil blocks. On the left side Nos 4 and 5 have been done, leaving left Nos 1, 2, and 3 to do next week. The cylinder lubricator was also primed and checked. Following some repairs it is now working fine. The front lamp bracket was fitted between the top of the outside of the smokebox and surrounding 'cow horn' hand rail with a struggle. The slacker pipe feed pipe which was made up on Tuesday was cut to size , bent into the correct shape, the brass connection soldered on and then fitted to the valve in the cab. One side of the cab window frames received yet another coat of varnish. A start was made with rubbing down the hand rails on both sides of the cab and part of the left hand one on the boiler. Nigel Hall applied some black paint to them and a coat of white primer/undercoat to the front buffer beam.

On Thursday, Jon Bradley came in after lunch and gave the cab windows a final coat of varnish. He also fitted a piece of wooden beading on the cab roof. Next Tuesday he will re-glaze the window that had a broken pane and fit the brass surround.


Q6 - 3/6/7 June 2021

Nigel Hall was at Grosmont on Saturday 3 June when no other work was being done on the Q6, and was able to put a coat of black undercoat on the outside of the cab and another coat of varnish on the cab window frames.

For the regular working party on Tuesday, it was a wet morning but on approaching Grosmont the sky started to clear and the sun was shining on Deviation Shed. At least until lunchtime, when the heavens opened with a heavy downpour. More heavy showers followed during the afternoon. Those dodging the showers were Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Trevor Wilford, Nigel Hall, Gordon Wells, Ian Pearson, and, later, Jon Bradley.

The main job of the day was to remove the lefthand piston and investigate why it would not travel the full length of the cylinder. Most of the team, which included two MPD cleaners - Allan Dawson and Matt Edmondson - for a short while, were involved at some stage of removal, which was a very heavy and time consuming job. The crosshead cotter and cylinder cover were removed, then the little end pin and connecting rod. The splitting gear (borrowed from the MPD as our own does not fit) was fitted to remove the piston rod from the crosshead and then it was found that the pin that fits inside the splitter was too long so an inch had to be cut off on the band saw! Eventually the crosshead was split and the piston removed. On inspection, a ridge of metal was evident at the rear end of the cylinder.

63395 cylinder showing ridge at rear preventing the piston from full movement. 6 July 2021 - Ian Pearson.

The other jobs completed were fitting of the front vacuum exhaust copper drain pipe and securing bracket that had to be welded to the smokebox saddle, the outside of the cab had more preparation and was now ready for black gloss, the cab windows were rubbed down again and given another coat of varnish and the righthand leading axle box was re-tapped and the new oil feed box fitted. A new bottle of argon gas was brought in by Trevor and connected to the welding set.

Wednesday 7 July was slightly overcast early morning but it turned into a fine warm sunny day for Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Nigel Bill, Ian Pearson, Chris Lawson and Jon Bradley.

The defibrillator had its monthly check and inspection. The last flexible oil pipe was fitted, as were the rear vacuum exhaust pipe drain along with a securing clamp, and the steam supply pipe to the reverser. The small securing cotter was made and fitted to the righthand crosshead cotter, and the front sands operating rod fitted into cab and connected to the sand box. The front damper handle was fitted in the cab and pushed through between the boiler and cladding, then connected to the damper door via another rod and secured with a new pin which was made in the machine shop by Owain. Bill borrowed an air operated die grinder from the MPD. An air line was set up to our compressor and about a third of the ridge was removed inside the cylinder. Not an easy task, and Bill reckons another full days work to remove the rest of the ridge. Replacement glass was fitted to the cab window. The front vacuum exhaust pipe requires some slight repositioning - a job for Gordon next time. Ian Storey Engineering were unable to do the necessary machining on the steam pipes, and possible alternatives are now being pursued with the help of Ian Selkirk of Hogg Engineering.

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